Dump Trailer Service in Cleveland, OH

A dump tilt trailer is an invaluable asset that gives owners the ability to transport much larger loads than they otherwise would be able to. However, a trailer is no good if it isn’t structurally sound, and given the complex mechanical elements, malfunctions are expected from time to time. A damaged trailer is frustrating at best, and at worst, it can spill its contents onto the highway at the worst possible moment.

If you need dump trailer service in Cleveland, OH, come to RJ Trailer Sales. We’ll repair your dump tilt trailer so you can get back to work.

Dump Trailer Repair Service in Cleveland, OH

A dump trailer is much more than simply a box with wheels. The complex hydraulic system requires special expertise to repair. Keeping the trailer road-friendly can be difficult, and the heavy loads these trailers bear can lead to both subtle and extreme damage. If your dump trailer is in need of repair, come to RJ Trailer Sales.

How can you tell that your trailer is in need of repair? Search for some key signs. Leaking fluid can indicate that the hydraulic system has suffered a problem. If the trailer doesn’t lift, the battery may be empty, which you may be able to solve by driving with the trailer, which will charge it. Some errors, such as bent frames or damages wheels, are more obvious.

Years of Quality Service

For over a decade, RJ Trailer Sales has sold and repaired dump trailers to customers all across Ohio. We have a reputation of offering quality service and fair prices, and we constantly update our prices to stay on top of the market.

Are you ready to repair your dump trailer? Contact RJ Trailer Sales today at 440-666-6403 to learn more about our prices and services. We’re happy to answer whatever questions you may have.